The NYC Ballet invited artist JR to collaborate with their company dancers for the Spring 2014 program. Graham Willoughby shot this sequence with the Movi and the Red Epic, capturing the visceral immediacy of the movement. In the color suite I worked with JR to develop the rich black and white look.
It's been a great working with Lila Yomtoob on her new film, "America 1979." Watch for it at festivals, cinematography by Adrian Correia.
New York designer Samantha Pleet rolled out her new line with a dreamy short film directed by Maximilla Lukacs and shot by Graham Willoughby. For the color grade, I worked on rooting the world of fantasy firmly in the real for the unique dream sequence.
At Havas Worldwide/6th Sense, this broadcast spot for Frank's Red Hot was shot on the Alexa, and the color grade contrasted the gritty world of the firemen with the soft color space of the actress.
Here, in the raw file for Frank's Red Hot, there is an overall green cast, the subjects are melting into the background, and there are no color cues for the narrative. Lots of work to do here, time to make a coffee with the cool coffee machine at 6th Sense.
It's been a lot of fun to grade the new project from food photographer Peter Pioppo and director Manny Kivowitz, "Recipes from the Studio" which brings innovative recipes to life. Here, they create some delicious-looking cocktails.
Katherine Linton and her team at Linton Media wrapped a new documentary for MTV True Life, "I'm Addicted to Pills". Suburban drug dens, pill mills and rehab, which I graded for realism.
“Snake and Parrot”, a short film that I graded for Amy Guggenheim is screening at Anthology Film Archives on October 26, 2013 at 8 p.m.