The original pilot for "Trouble" by Sean Skelton, a drama about an A-list starlet whose life is spinning out of control, recently won Best Writing at the New York Television Festival's Independent Pilot Competition.
I worked with DP Thomas Scott Stanton to grade this indie feature, "Good Ol Boy" at CVLT. It was great hearing from screenwriter Anjul Nigam about some of the inspiration for this story of first love set in 1979, as a family from India arrives in America.
"Field Visits for Chelsea Manning" by Lance Wakeling looked great on DCP at the theatrical premiere at BAM Rose Cinemas. Rhizome commissioned this first-person travelogue, Lance's final video in the trilogy on the physicality of the internet, which maps the locations where Manning was held.
Vanessa McDonnell brought in her new feature "John's of 12th Street" to color for a month-long run at Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg. The observational doc documents the front and back-of-house scenes and the 106-year old East Village restaurant.
Beth Kinder and Terry and Sandy brought in this beautifully shot spot. A cream-colored palette and lifted blacks retains the quality of the naturalistic shoot.
For this documentary on Hackathons developed by Sean Skelton and Manny Kivowitz, I referred to 80's science shows shot with film to build the look.
"Fake", the hilarious new short from Mark Nickelsburg gave me the opportunity to grade apocalyptic street scenes with digital monsters, which I always appreciate.
I had the pleasure of working with experimental film pioneer Su Friedrich on her new piece "Queen Takes Pawn", which we graded for screening at the San Francisco International Film Festival.
Emily Cohen brought her new documentary, "Bodies at War", into the Resolve suite for grading, and we worked on balancing the scenes to match the light in Colombia, finding new ways to treat TV news footage, and giving depth to interviews.
American Eagle Outfitters finished this brand piece with Tom Colella at Apartment 2. I gave it a lot of pop and color in the grade to bring to life the energy of sundrenched California youth. A particular challenge was the mix of GoPro and Red, often in the same scene.