Shanna Maurizi began her art career in a black and white darkroom as a teenager, and has been experimenting with images ever since. She immersed herself in art and subculture at San Francisco State University, and graduate school brought a move to color photography and experimental film. After graduating with an MFA she found work in the San Francisco film industry, where she apprenticed in the edit suite and was introduced to color grading, quickly moving up to editor. The dot-com crash forced a move to Los Angeles, but LA was not destined to be a permanent home, and in 2003 she arrived in New York with a dog, a cat, and a lot of cameras. A meeting with a filmmaker colleague connected her with her first clients and she began color work for broadcast, grading shows for VH1 and Logo. Since then she has steadily grown her skills and her client base.

Shanna's work as a colorist is consistently informed by her visual art career and a curiosity about the language of images. Her rigorous creative approach has led to rewarding collaborations with many producers, directors, and cinematographers.